Hot Sauce

Guest: Dave Hill
Episode 28: Stylish Suits and Tasteful Nudes!
Theme: Science Fiction

This week, Jaime and Lindsey chat with comedian/musician/author Dave Hill about his new book Tasteful Nudes, using clones for practical jokes, time traveling to Japan, heavy metal, and Dick Cavett. Meanwhile, Jaime and Lindsey accuse television shows of stealing ideas from newspapers.

This is the final episode of season one. Join us again in September for season two!

In This Episode
0:30-Jimmy Tiberius Pants' giant butt 
1:30-Law and Order, Scandal Unit
2:25-All of My Loving song clip
2:48-Dave Hill geeks out about heavy metal and suits
3:19-Bringing the rock heat to Valley Lodge and other bands
5:12-Doctor Who
7:00-Doctor Marcus Welby
7:25-Time travel to pre-WWII Japan
8:41-Cloning for practical jokes
10:38-Tasteful Nudes
11:23-Being in charge of a homeless shelter
12:06-Nude dinner cruise
12:46-Classy fans
14:10-Book tour
14:45-Malcolm Gladwell and Dick Cavett eating chicken wings
15:38-Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident
15:57-Books don't write themselves
17:30-Find Dave Hill online (dot com)
18:11-What's the deal with Instagram?
18:44-Scientific tweeting study
20:55-Walden video game
21:47-Human interactions as failure
23:30-All of My Loving full song

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